Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements?

    Please see our System Requirements page for information.

  • What printers does ShopManager support?

    ShopManager supports any standard printer, receipt printer, and Dymo Label printers. We use, recommend and have tested:

    • HP Colour LaserJet 1215
    • Posiflex PP7000 Receipt Printer
    • Dymo LabelWriter 400 & 450


  • Does ShopManager work with Barcode Scanners?

    Absolutely! It will work with any ‘Keyboard-Wedge’ style barcode scanner.

  • Can I run ShopManager Locally?

    You sure can! We have several users who run ShopManager on a Windows PC using WAMP. We have also provided an installation video for WAMP users.

  • What about Support & Upgrades?

    Each Owned license of ShopManager includes 6 months of Support & Upgrades. After that, additional Support & Upgrades Agreements can be purchased for $49 / 6 months. Leased & Hosted licenses include Support & Upgrades for the life of your subscription.

    Your Support & Upgrades agreement entitles you to:

    • Download the latest ShopManager application
    • Unlimited support tickets via my.iFetch


    You can also order Professional Installation (with your initial license order) and Upgrade services!

  • What happens at the end of my Subscription/S&U Agreement?

    If you have an Owned product, with an expired Support & Upgrades agreement, you will not be able to download the current version of ShopManager, or access any product technical support. You can renew your Support & Upgrades agreement at any time from my.iFetch. Your ShopManager installation however, will remain fully functional, and does not expire.

    Leased licenses which have lapsed will not allow any further logins from staff. Your subscription must remain active to login to ShopManager. Customers can continue to login without restriction.

    Hosted licenses, like Leased licenses will restrict login on expiration. Data for hosted licenses is kept for 30 days from the last invoice due date.

  • Is ShopManager Encoded?

    ShopManager employs a local-key licensing system. The first time you run ShopManager, it queries our licensing server, and if all is well a local key is generated, stopping ShopManager needing to call back to the licensing server again. A periodic check is performed to ensure your license is valid. In special circumstances where the server is unable to speak to our licensing server, we can offer a no-callback version of SM. Please contact our sales department for more information.

    The level of encoding differs based on the type of license purchased.

    • Owned licenses include only 1 encoded licensing file. All other files are un-encoded.
    • Hosted Licenses are un-encoded, however only templates/receipts can be modified.
    • Leased Licenses include un-encoded template and view files. All logic files are encoded.