Support Scope

This document outlines the types of tasks our Support & Upgrades Agreements (SUA) cover.

Tasks listed as being ‘In Scope’ will be performed free of charge to any client with a current SUA. Those tasks listed as ‘Outside Scope’ can be performed, however will be billed at the applicable hourly rate. Anything not listed under either heading should be confirmed with our support team as In or Out of scope before proceeding.

In Scope

  • WAMP, cPanel Servers ONLY – all others on best effort or billable at the sole discretion of iFetch
  • ShopManager bugs & CI/SM-generated errors – repair and troubleshooting
  • Assistance & Guidance with with SM configuration files & ‘Settings’ menu

Outside Scope

  • Any server-side configuration (including but not limited to: Email, Apache, MySQL, etc)
  • Upgrading servers to meet minimum system requirements (excluding WAMP server config w/install fee)
  • User-caused errors, including modifying any SM application and system files, incorrect server configuration
  • Setup & troubleshooting of external accounts (such as SMS or payment gateways)
This document is subject to change without notice.